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The Happy Tail's Tale

Hi, my name is Victoria and, like you, I love dogs!


I was lucky enough to grow up with many dogs in my life. Golden Retrievers, Flat Coats, Springer Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I have been even luckier to help deliver and care for several Golden Retriever litters in our family home.


As a teenager, I wanted to work with dogs. But, after college, I was swept away by the travel industry and within a few years I landed my dream job with Mercedes.


Sadly, just weeks before Covid-19 hit us hard, I was made redundant. The job market crashed and as a type-1 diabetic, I was confined to the house, unable even to apply for key-worker roles.


During lockdown, I borrowed one of my mum’s dogs for company. As all dog owners will know, I was suddenly out walking several times a day - whatever the weather - and I LOVED it. It was during one of my walks I realised what I most wanted to do; ditch the office jobs and become the best dog walker ever. And that is when The Happy Tails Club was born.


So here I am, excited to meet you and have fun with your pets!


To happy tails and wonderful walks!


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