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5 Great Dog Walks in Alton, Hampshire

As dog owners we can be guilty of sticking to the same few walks - day in, day out. Your pooch probably never complains about this because dogs are eternally grateful beings! But there is such joy in sharing new adventures with our animals. So maybe it's time for you both to experience a change of scenery together?

As a professional dog walker, people pay me not only to exercise their dogs but to have fun with them too. The following dog walks are tried and tested by my furry clients and I hope this blog inspires you to discover new sights, sounds and smells!

Dog walks Axe Pond Alton Hampshire


Jane Austen Chawton Park

Chawton Park Dog Walks Alton Hampshire
Loki loves fetching his ball

Just a stone's throw from Jane Austen's House - this walk can be kept short with a 20-minute route. Or there is a 4.5 mile walk if you have the time and energy.

At The Happy Tails Club we enjoy a full hour of excitement here by leaving the woody area and heading out across the footpaths of the open farmland.

Loki - one of The Happy Tails Club's most energetic VIPS - adores this walk as there is lots of open space for ball fetching. He is usually ready for a midday nap after his adventures here; so it's a great choice for dogs with unending reserves of vigour.

Difficulty: Your dog can plod or sprint any variation of the walk and it's a great choice for dog owners who prefer steady and even terrain. It can get muddy after wet weather however: so walking boots are recommended.

Parking: I usually find a space behind the local tearoom or along Gosport Road.

Tips: The Greyfriar is a dog-friendly local pub offering a mouth-watering array of dishes, including vegetarian options. The Halloumi Fries and a Gladiator Burger may well hit the spot after a winter walk. bookings@thegreyfriar.co.uk


Kingsley Common

Kingsley Common Dog Walks Alton Hampshire
Can we do that walk again?

This is a popular place for dog walkers and you will often meet other doggies out and about - so a great walk for socialising (both for the dogs and yourself).

There are dedicated walking routes, which can be found online or on a poster in the car park, or you can just wander around the common as you wish. If it is a hot day plenty of trees offer shelter from the sun; these shaded routes may be slightly off path as you walk through the woodland, so make sure to watch your step.

Difficulty: This walk is suitable for any ability as it is made up of less challenging landscape along with beautiful tree views.

Parking: The car park can be found behind The Cricketers Inn.

Tips: The car park is accessed via a dirt track with big pot holes, so please be careful with your vehicle.


Chawton Park Woods

Chawton Park Woods Dog Walks Alton Hampshire
Double Trouble!

A gravel track leads around the woods, with plenty more options to take if you want to venture through the trees.

This is also another popular area for dog walkers, runners and horse riders, I would always advise to put your dog on a lead when a horse is in sight.

After heavy rain puddles and muddy tracks can be found everywhere. With that in mind, I would recommend wearing suitable footwear.

Difficulty: A few easy inclines and declines, after wet weather it can be very muddy.

Parking: There is a dedicated free car park for the woods which is located off a quiet road which is great as you are away from the busy road leading through Four Marks and I am confident the doggies will be safe.

Tips: There is only one poo bin in the car park so be prepared to carry it with you.


Hogmoor Inclosure

Hogmoor Inclosure Dog Walks Alton Hampshire
The Three Musketeers

I recently discovered Hogmoor Inclosure while doing some research of the local area. It is definitely one of my favourite dog walks. There is a dedicated car park as well as a café.

This walk is a great choice if you have kids as there is a fantastic play area and nature trails. So both the children and the dogs will sleep well after a few hours here!

This is a wooded area with high trees, so plenty of shade in the warmer months. Dogs can also take a dip and cool down in water holes and ponds. Please don't walk your dog during the hottest hours on sunny days - even the shade can be too hot for canines!

Difficulty: There is a choice of walking trails at Hogmoor - each with varying lengths. The ground is even and fairly flat, although wellies are advised during the wetter months.

Parking: The car park can be tricky to find, so look out for the small signs along Hogmoor Road.

Tips: Make some time for cake and a drink at the cafe (you can also grab some lunch).



Axe Pond / The Devils Jump's

Axe Pond Devils Jumps Dog Walks Alton Hampshire
Rufus loves to play fetch in the water

A great walk for anyone who loves history and folklore. The humps at The Devil's Jumps were said to be danced upon by the Devil for his own amusement.

According to the legend, Thor grew weary of the Devil's antics and threw a boulder down to frighten him off.

That trick must have worked as I haven't seen any spooky goings on during my dog walks here.

The Axe Pond walk at The Devil's Jump is about a 5-mile hike. Happy Tails Club VIP Rufus gets very excited on this walk as he is quite the water baby!

The route takes you up to the hilltop with breathtaking views. Throughout the walk you will experience sand, mud and water so there are a range of textures for dogs to experience.

Difficulty: The initial stage of the walk can be quite challenging as it is rough terrain with steep inclines/declines.

Parking: Parking is on a road - so leads are a must. Please be extra cautious if you have a dog that shoots out the car as soon as you open the boot!

Tips: This walk is situated between Frensham and Churt and is about a 30 minute car journey from Alton, however, it is definitely worth the trip if your dog enjoys paddling, and for the amazing views you will love!


If you can't get out for long dog walks as often as your dog would like then why not get in touch? I would love your dog to join me for an hour of fun and adventure. I can do occasional or regular walks in either a 1-2-1 or group setting.

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